The Garasia tribal community is considered to be the third largest tribal group of the state of Rajasthan. The people of this tribal community are basically concentrated in different areas of Udaipur District like Kumbalgarh, Saira Gogunda. The word ‘Garasias’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘gras’ that signifies the substance. Some say that the Garasia tribes are the off springs of the Rajput who got married to a Bhil female. It is assumed that they formerly were ‘chiefs’ who were thrown out by several plunderers.
The Garasia tribal community is permitted freedom in selecting their partners. Young Garasia males between the ages of eighteen and twenty four generally marry females who are between fourteen and eighteen years. Another interesting thing is that any Gharasia couple cal lives together without getting married..

The religious rituals of these Garasia tribal communities are a blend of both the Hindu customs and local conventional beliefs. Even though this Garasia tribal community now reveres myriads of deities and fete holy cows, just like any of the Hindus, they still stick onto their unique faith in several things like spirits, venerating ghosts, spirits of the dead, and black magic.

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